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Creatio is a cloud-based software that merges customer relationship management (CRM) features with business process management (BPM) capabilities. Creatio combines CRM’s core modules (account and contact management, sales force automation, service management, marketing automation, document management, reporting and analytics) with business process management (BPM) engine. It can be delivered as a service (SaaS) or on premise.

Why use a CRM that specializes in business process management?

  1. Adaptability for change with consistency of work

  2. Marketing, sales and service production are on a single platform

  3. Institutionalize best practices

  4. Provide repeatable processes to improve time and cost effectiveness

  5. Agility to change processes in CRM faster than ever

  6. One common user interface that increases user adoption and use

  7. Powerful business process management engine

  8. One of the most cost-effective CRM solutions

  9. Create deployment flexibility: cloud and on-premise deployments

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Use creatio products to connect the dots between marketing, sales and customer service, efficiently managing the complete customer journey - from lead to order, and to ongoing account maintenance.

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A complete solution for the customer's buying process that integrates with your sales process.

Process-driven CRM for marketing, sales and service

Creatio has a set of out-of-the box best practice business processes developed to manage key business operations as well as to address needs of a variety of verticals. However, thanks to a system’s BPM engine any customer-facing business process can be easily adjusted on the fly.

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Business Process Automation built in creatio

  • BPM engine is a core of the platform

  • BPM engine is a single tool for business process modeling and execution with a single library of process elements

  • Processes can evoke / be evoked by third-party web services

  • Uses BPMN 2.0 notation

  • No limitations are applied to process features or usage

Creatio (bpm'online) Industry recognized over multiple years for sales, service and marketing


Creatio Development & Customization

Creatio CRM offers tools to control customer journey from the first point of interaction to the sales and service stages. System’s dashboards allow users to get information and statistics on key internal, customer-facing and communication processes. Creatio CRM provides open configuration and extensive API to allow any customizations and integrations required for the business.

Creatio studio 7.10 Overview 

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