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At Techosystems we specialize in bringing people, processes, and technology together in an evolving process of effective information exchange to streamline and improve business results.

Our drive is to deliver positive business results by exposing the right information at the right time to make great business decisions. We do that by making sure users have easy access to the information they need, when and where they need it, and the simple, easy to use interfaces that capture the information the business needs to succeed.

With 20+ years of CRM experience and 25+ years of integration and automation experience, we have implemented 150+ systems of all shapes and sizes. We use that experience to make sure you avoid the mistakes that can cause CRM systems to fail or not be used by providing best practices for success.

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Meet The Executive Team


Brian Segers

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As President of Techosystems, Brian brings over 25 years of CRM and business process experience. Getting in the weeds with our clients to understand their processes and business needs is where Brian shines. 


Scott Wolfe

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Scott is a true CRM evangelist. With over a decade of CRM experience, he believes in the power of a well implemented and designed CRM. Making long lasting relationships with our clients and helping them overcome tough business challenges is where Scott loves to help.

Thought leaders

We're more than just a CRM implementation partner. We want to collaborate with you to improve your business processes.


Let us tell you about our existing clients and how we've helped organizations just like yours with their CRM implementations.


We want to sit with you to truly understand your goals for a new software implementation. We want to help design a beautiful product for your organization.


Training and collaborating project management are key to a successful CRM implementation. Techosystems wants to work WITH you on your CRM projects.

Our Locations

Sacramento, CA HQ

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Scottsdale, AZ

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