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The COVID-19 outbreak is proving to be one of the biggest challenges of the decade and is perhaps a defining moment of the 21st century. Its impact on our lives is felt by nearly everyone; grocery store rations to lockdown curfews and regulations have changed the way we live and work. For businesses, the story is no different. Nearly every company in every industry has felt the pressure from the outbreak, and some have already began to crumble as their business model proves to be too inflexible to accommodate for these drastic changes.

#1 React

With new tech solutions like low-code technology, for example, any business can react quickly to even the most earth-shaking changes. Entire processes can be automated, new solutions can be created, and responses can be made without having to wait for overburdened, understaffed IT departments to develop necessary solutions.

#2 Adapt

Once your company has effectively reacted to immediate concerns related to the outbreak, it’s time to think about the overall implications of new strategies and plans, and the role in which technology will play in bringing them to life. An advanced CRM system, for example, with the tools needed for your company to interact with partners, customers, and other team members more effectively is not just going to help your business get through the pandemic.

#3 Overcome

Implementing advanced BPM software gives companies a chance to re-think and re-design their key processes to ensure that they are foolproof, built to withstand the outbreak and ready to help the business recover as quickly as possible thereafter. Companies that use the virus as a time for learning and combine this with technology that allows them to re-think their business as they know it will come out of the crisis with recovery in mind, giving their investment a high ROI and allowing them to soar ahead of competitors with ease.

#4 Outgrow

Investing in new tech right now is not just a method of overcoming the effects of the virus on business. With the right tools, businesses can outshine their pre-virus performance, not only recovering from the virus’ impact but also going far beyond it, outperforming pre-virus standards and targets. Business tech like advanced CRM and BPM software are not just a means of recovery; they’re a means of evolution that have positive implications far beyond COVID-19’s reach.

#5 Protect

Projections for how long COVID-19 and its effects on the world as we know it vary greatly. Many predict that next winter could bring about a resurgence of the virus just as society and the economy begins to recover. Knowing this, investing in technology that enables flexibility and stability despite rapid change is not just a means of recovery and growth: It is a method of protection against the unknown future in business. The new “norm” is constantly evolving for better or worse, and technology is the key to ensuring that your company is prepared for what’s to come.

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