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What's disruptin' your distribution?

When you're laying in bed, right as you're about to fall asleep, what's the last thing you think about that keeps you up? Distributors today are facing new issues in an already industry competitive environment. Let's talk for a minute about some of the key issues and how Creatio can help alleviate some of these.

1. E-commerce shift

There's no doubt that some folks still enjoy walking into a brick-and-mortar to do their shopping, but they're a dwindling breed. E-commerce is becoming a hot topic for legacy distributors to allow their clients flexibility into their purchasing. Creatio allows for a web-to-lead capture to allow for 1. leads to come into the system and 2. purchase history so the sales team members have a full view into their clients.

2. Demanding customers

When is the last time you reached to a company via their website and were okay waiting a few days for a response - likely never. Customers expect immediate response when interacting with someone they want to buy from. Creatio service allows you to interact with your customers and prospects in an omni-channel environment.

3. Aging workforce

Having grown up in a distribution environment myself I understand how fiercely loyal (generally) the workforce is. In a world where people hop jobs every few years, distributors have long tenured employees. That being said, often they're not the most technology savvy people. Their client and prospect data is generally saved in their heads. Without a good system like Creatio when that employee wins the lotto all that data goes with them!

4. Marketing

Distributors in most cases are moving product from a larger manufacturer who does their own marketing and branding. Having the ability to piggy back off that and create your own marketing campaigns will give you a step up from your competition. Since most shoppers are making buying decisions without ever speaking to a sales person anymore, we need to make sure our marketing message is on topic. Giving the sales rep the ability to see all marketing information to their customers and prospects in one view will help them create loyal clients!

Creatio gives distributors the ability to interact with their clients better to help them increase sales, reduce costs and differentiate their brand!

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