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Why you should attend Accelerate Global!

Have you registered for Accelerate Global yet on October 28th?

Here's why you should attend this unique 24-hour live stream conference:

  1. TAILORED CONTENT: Attend an unlimited number of thought leadership sessions in 5 different tracks tailored to your specialty and industry. Whether you're in Sales, IT, Marketing or Leadership you'll find content relevant and important to you.

  2. THOUGHT LEADERSHIP: Join panel discussions with seasoned IT and digital leaders to exchange views on topics and ask the most pressing questions in the live chat! In this every changing business and economic environment listen to thought leaders discuss topics on CRM evolution and the world today.

  3. NEW PRODUCT ENHANCEMENTS: See innovative technologies in action and try low-code/no-code tools for yourself during practical workshops. Get your hands on new versions of Creatio and test out the upcoming enhancements.

  4. COMMUNITY: Virtually connect and network with more than 10,000 of your peers and colleagues from all over the world. Thought we can't share a cocktail in person right now, we can still meet and share ideas and network.

Click the link below to register now:


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